The Baker Boys brand was established in 1993 by our parent company, Cinnaroll Bakeries Limited, with the intent of providing gourmet cinnamon rolls to the retail grocery and food-service industries throughout Western Canada.  Today we are proud to say that we supply a wide variety of fabulous baked goods to the grocery store, convenience store, fundraising, and food-service industries throughout North America.

Our specialty is the manufacturing of convenient “thaw and sell” gourmet baked goods, which include gourmet cinnamon rolls and Danish pastry products that continues to grow each year.

Many people ask us which “food group” our products fit into. Our answer is simple; Baker Boys products have their own food category called “comfort food”.  Eating a Baker Boys gourmet cinnamon roll or any one of its other fabulous baked goods is an experience that simply makes people feel good.  Baker Boys fabulous baked goods are a symbol of traditional family values and home baked goodness.