About Us

We are Cinnaroll Bakeries, creators of a famous line of decadent gourmet cinnamon rolls and baked treats.   We are a Calgary based business with over 25 years of baking experience and proudly Canadian.

We began opening Cinnamon Roll Bakeries in 1987 and it has been our passion ever since.  Cinnzeo focuses on serving fresh baked, oven hot, gourmet Cinnamon Rolls and fresh made coffee in a warm and inviting setting. Our Canadian retail stores are well situated in high traffic mall locations in Canada.  Our franchises have expanded internationally and you can find Cinnzeo bakeries in Mexico and throughout the Middle East.

The Baker Boys brand was established in 1993 with the intent of providing gourmet cinnamon rolls to the retail grocery and food-service industries throughout Western Canada. Today we are proud to say that we supply a wide variety of “thaw and sell” fabulous baked goods to retail and wholesale businesses throughout North America.

We dedicated ourselves to providing our loyal customers and guests with fabulous baked goods of uncompromising taste and quality. Times have changed but values have not.  The Cinnamon Roll is a symbol of traditional family values and home baked goodness.