Our Products

At Baker Boys we are committed to using only the finest ingredients in the preparation of our fabulous baked goods providing consumers with an unparalleled eating experience that will leave them craving more. For example, the Canadian wheat used in our secret sweet dough recipe is among the finest available anywhere in the world. Our very own Siam Cinnamon imported from Indonesia provides our cinnamon products with a very unique rich full-bodied cinnamon flavour and our gourmet cinnamon rolls are topped off with a mouth watering Philadelphia Cream Cheese frosting. We are just as committed to the same high level of attention to detail in our Good Manufacturing Practices as we are in selecting our ingredients.

Thaw & Sell: this is a key feature enabling retailers to merchandise and sell fabulous baked goods without the cost and mess associated with baking in house. Our baked goods are shipped frozen allowing you to thaw and merchandise only the amount of product you wish at any given time, thereby giving you complete control of freshness and product cost. The thawed shelf life varies from 7 to 14 days depending on the product.

Another unique feature is the fact that all of our products are finished by hand ensuring a distinctive home baked appearance with a gourmet flare.